What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders as well as feeding/swallowing difficulties. The treatment may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech, swallowing or sound production.

1. Speech is different than language which is made up of words and putting words together.

2. Speech therapy works toward improving children’s verbal means of communicating and consists of these parts:

Articulation- How sounds are made.
 Voice- Use of the vocal folds and breathing to produce sound. 
 Fluency- The rhythm of speech. (Hesitations or stuttering can affect fluency)

Who needs Speech Therapy?

*Children that are difficult to understand
*Children who have trouble understanding others (receptive language)

*Children who have trouble sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings (expressive language)

How Speech Therapy helps your child:

  • Improved ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Intelligible and fluent speech so others understand your child Increased ability to problem solve
  • Improved feeding and swallowing function and safety
  • Improved school readiness skills Greater self-esteem

AAK treat babies, children and teens with a variety of speech/language disorders.

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